welcome to my realm

greetings! my name is Tulip, and you have stumbled across my digital garden sanctuary.

i'm a queer, nonbinary artist. i spend my time at home making things, whether it's drawing or other creative-related stuff. sometimes i play games, too. i've always had a soft spot for older eras of web design, so it felt only appropriate to make a small tribute and tend to my own little corner of the web. it's scary out there these days!

if you're new here, i highly recommend stopping by the Special Interest Garden. i've poured a lot of love into crafting pages for some of my special interests. i'm currently working on putting together an art gallery, too.

a chibi pixel art drawing of my OC, Diana! they have long blonde hair, a moon necklace, and a sword at their side.

Diana, my beloved dhampir, bravely guards this realm from harm.
with their sword in hand, this garden remains a safe sanctuary...
a big thank you to Ashley for making Diana's sprite!


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a barbed rose made out of withered iron, slowly dripping blood from its petals

pixel art of Alucard from Castlevania, sitting with a little fairy on his shoulder. he looks quite peaceful. badge that says International Guild of Gay Webmasters. there is an inverted pink triangle, and a sword on top of it.

button with tulips, labeled they/them button with sparkling stars, and a cropped illustration of Diana button with a bat on it, labeled Free Net Vampire button labeled Trans Rights Now! button labeled I Miss Pictochat
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